Mesothelioma Information

Welcome to this site dedicated to the people who are affected by exposure to asbestos and information about this incurable disease called mesothelioma cancer.In this site you can find information about the types of cancer, diagnosis, symptoms, treatments, doctors and many others related to mesothelioma.Probably wondering what is mesothelioma cancer?
It is a disease that takes repeated and long exposure to fibrous mineral that carries the name of asbestos which is very resistant to high temperatures, to the action of acids and a excellent insulator.
The name of this disease comes from the fact that cancerous cells spread rapidly and the life expectancy of those affected is from 8 to 18 months.Experimental therapies and clinical trials trying to find even at the moment of effective cures and treatments to prolong life or even relieve the disease.
mesothelioma information
Exposed persons during the period of 6 months or more to asbestos have great chances getting sick of this type of cancer where survival rates are very low because most diagnoses are made in stages 3 and 4 when the symptoms begin to appear.
Because this mineral is found in most of the works of underground mining and from where it is extracted also, people can get this disease are:

-Auto mechanics and insulators
-Military veterans especially the U.S. Navy with construction workers
-Boiler and shipyard workers
-Mine workers or millers
-Manufacturing plant workers

After the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in the 9 September 2001 resulted thick clouds of dust that contained asbestos and persons around the impact have been exposed to the risk of development of mesotheliom.
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